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Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Becoming a Mama- Week 20

"Ya Allah, lindungilah suamiku dah semoga dia selamat pulang ke sisi hambamu ini kelak. Ya bunaiyya, jadilah anak yang mentaati Allah dan ibu bapamu..moga kau sentiasa sihat"

I'm really missing him..wish he is at my side this moment.. however, the excitement of knowing a human is growing healthy in your tummy continues.. This week had been a challenging week for me as i got mountains of work to be completed by Tuesday next week..ah..yes..he'll be back to myside on that same day..

For my baby, feeling the movement in my tummy really makes me forget all my work problems..i have started to teach my baby to wake up during prayer times and good response had been received after 3 days of training.. when i prepared myself to pray and call for baby to wake up, i can feel movement in my tummy. I had night talking with baby just to make sure we had our mutual understanding on sleeping times and reading about our prophets is also an interesting session where i think baby really likes it.. baby movement sometime makes my tummy feel funny and there are times when it feels hard and uncomfortable..

However, knowing it is moving makes me happy and proof that baby is really healthy in my tummy.. I love to tell baby, " Nanti dah keluar, mesti jadi anak yang soleh/solehah ye sayang".

20 weeks had passed and approximately another 20 challenging and prosperous week to go.. May Allah swt ease my journey towards being a good mum, Insyaallah..

Friday, June 16, 2006

Becoming a Mama - Week 19

It has been quite some time since i write in this blog..

Life seem to be quite hectic nowadays.. i am now easily to get tired after a day work. Since i moved to Kota Kinabalu, there seems to have been lots of things that need to be done. My mission is to make my house a home sweet home to live in. I put up the curtains, make some changes in the house arrangement, buy some furnitures, feed my plants etc. And not forgetting spending time with my beloved hubby when he is back from offshore..

Besides that, my new job needs me to travel quite a lot to Kuala Lumpur for training, meeting etc. Its more enjoying and lively than the previous one. In short, i am very happy to be in KK eventhough I'm far from my family.

My baby.. i had the opportunity to feel it moves for the first time today in my tummy during my Asar prayer. Its not that strong, but i can feel it and caught me very excited and surprise..hehe..how i wish his/her papa is at home now.. really miss him so much..By now, my tummy is getting bigger even though people around do not realize it as i am wearing big baju kurung to office most of the time and yes, this is my first time my tummy is expending.. what do you expect?hehe..

My leg is now easily feel all the 'lenguh2' when i have stand for more than half and hour for meeting or discussion.

I read kisah2 nabi for my baby every night and read Al-Quran and always pray to have a soleh/solehah kid. His papa also never missed to talk and doa' for this lucky kid during our jamaah prayers. Last week we made a long list of what need to be prepared and buy for the baby. We also bought some good books for my knowledge on what to expect as a muslimah in delivering the baby later.

My friend proposed me to buy this one book on how to nurture and educate young baby until his age of 3..it seems useful and good, but i have not had the time to go and search for it just yet.. There are still another approximately 20 weeks to go and still got ample time to prepare..

My due date is now finalized to be be on 7th November 2006. My new doctor's name is Helen Lasimbang. Friendly and good doctor. She talks only important points however and will only elaborate more if we asked her to do so. On that point, i think papa of the baby had enough questions for the doctor to answer on his baby, so i will love to just listen doctor's explainations while looking for the baby on the screen every monthly-checkup.

Its getting late now..Mama and baby need to sleep and rest now..

Hope baby is as healthy as papa who is currently in Erb West as a shadowing Operation Supervisor now..will only be back on 27th this month..

Monday, April 10, 2006

Becoming a Mama- Week 10

It now going to week 10..another 30 weeks to go..my morning sickness had slighly reduced this week. Maybe because i already find my cure..that is...jengjengjeng...my TRANSFER LETTER!!!.

Hurray, at last i succeed to get myself transfered. Did some shopping last week- television,cupboard,curtains,carpet..among major things had been bought in 2 days! Phew, what a shopping..

Baby seem fine..i guess as i can feel changes in myself..
This week i had always be hungry..but when i eat i can't finish my food..always need to go to the ladies ... always feeling thirsty, had few days forgetting to take the folic acid for my baby ...

Works seems not to get my interest..i had always be day dreaming than doing the work effectively..
My seeding replacement had yet to report duty..She seems to have some process to go through before she can report to my bos such as medical check-up etc. Currently i am still doing follow up with OPUs but at the sametime preparing the handover note for my replacement to do the jobs..

Feeling sleepy now.. wanna take a nap for a while..tata..

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Becoming a Mama- Week 9

It has been a while since i update this blog. I am now 9 weeks pregnant. Alhamdulillah and Subhanallah. Thanks to Allah the Almighty. Exactly 6 months after we got married i got pregnant. How great is Allah's plan.
As this is my first pregnancy, i am quite nervous and excited at the sametime knowing there is something growing in my tummy.

My morning sickness can only be seen by my housemates as it usually happens either at night or during weekends. I seems to be healthy during working hours. However, i had taken 3 days MCs up to this week usually when i can't even get up and start vomitting early in the morning.

Up to this week, i had not met my O&G doctor. However, i had made an appointment next week to know the condition of my baby and my health.

Eventhough i had minimum morning sickness, my body seems to be very tired by lunch hour. It was really hard to concentrate on my work after 2 as i feel really exausted and not focus.

Besides that, my husband said that i am very sensitive now and moody compared before i got pregnant. Pitty him when he first met me since i got pregnant last week, i am so not energetic and prefer to stay in our hotel room than going out anywhere even for dinner.

I had started to read Surah Luqman and Yusoff as proposed by my mom for early stage of pregnancy. Both my mom and parents in-law seems excited with the good news. But the happiest person of all is of course my beloved husband!!
He had started to call me mama and call himself papa..

I guess there are lots to be done as a preparation in term of planning, money and things that need to be prepare to ensure smooth delivery this October 26.

I am planning to breast feed my baby especially if i got transfered to KK as our office and nursery is very near that i can always come back during lunch hour to feed my kid :D

We have not even have the name book to name our kid later yet!! Need to remind abang to buy the book for our reference.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Colour of my life 2

Its Wednesday and this week seem to be a very hectic week for me. I was out of office the whole week for hari raya celebration and other personal things that had been settled during the week.

It has been a great 9 days holiday for me.
Starting on the night of 6th, i fetch my hubby from the airport and went straight to Port Dickson. We had booked earlier an apartment in Tanjung Tuan Beach Resort. We spent a night there as both of us are too tired to drive to Kelantan that day, besides this will be another honeymooning session. We stroll along the beach and prepared our own breakfast. The view here is very nice and we had our privacy.

The next day, we travel from Port Dickson to Cherating to spend another night together near the beach. Here, the wind was so strong that once you open the door, you can see all the coconut tree infront of your chalet to be bending towards the land. It rains a little , but we decide not to go near the beach as the wave seems to be strong from far. In the afternoon, we stop for 3 hours in Kerteh to meet some friends and catch up a few things. Later that evening, we start to travel north to my husbands hometown, Kota Bharu Kelantan. We use the seaside road as there is nothing to rush home. Late that night, we arrived safely to my inlaws house and got our big rest.

The next day, we ( me and hubby of course) went to the Jelawat Market to buy some 'buah tangan' for my mom in Perak with my mom-in-law. We also bought some ketupat manis for the Aidil Adha celebration. Later that afternoon, i followed my darling to repair our car and to Pantai Irama. This beach is really nice.. actually nicer than PCB i think as it is cleaner than PCB. However, it does not seem to be so popular that only the locals came here. I think the goverment of Kelantan should promote this beach more as an alternative to PCB.

Tuesday came and it is Aidil Adha morning. After having our quick breakfast, we ask for forgiveness from each other and then went to Musolla for Raya prayers. After the prayers, we went up to my inlaws uncle house beside the musolla for raya gathering. Aroung 10 , we make our move home and change our clothes for Korban slaughter. The gentlemen role is to divide the meat into seven parts ( 1 person for 1 part) evenly. The ladies is to prepare some 'lauk' for lunch after the korban occasion ends using the fresh meat. I got to learn on that day on how to make the nicest 'singgam daging' that tastes much nicer than the meat soup.

To be continued..

Friday, January 06, 2006

Colour of my life 1

Its Friday again and as usual, time to reenergize and family get together. Furthermore, Aidil Adha is just round the corner ( next Tuesday).

This year, we( me and my hubby of course!) are going to celebrate Aidil Adha in Kelantan as my husband wish to make some 'korban' this year. Besides that, we had some plan to tour nearly the whole Peninsular Malaysia this time.
He will be arriving at the airport tonight at 8.40 and we spent a night in Port Dickson. We are going to spend some time on the beach of PD until tomorrow afternoon. Then we will travel east to Kuantan and spend another night at Cherating. We will only be travelling to Kelantan the day after and stop over in Kerteh, Kuala Terengganu and some other destination throught the seaside road of peninsular east side. The plan is quite clear and simple yet interesting as it had been a long time since we both went to Kerteh to meet our friends. I am really excited about this plan. Of course it incured some money and burst our monthly budget, but who cares? As long as both of us are having a good time, the budget issue came later...Furthermore, we only get to meet each other once or if lucky twice a month and therefore time of our holiday must be maximized to spend time together and meet our parents as well.

As of now, i know i need to concentrate on my work but i just can't as i am so happy to meet him and counting the minutes to enjoy our holiday that starts tonight!! Besides going for the peninsular tour, raya celebration, visiting my mom and youngest sist, maybe we are also going to his school reunion next saturday night. Wow! What a full and pack week for us.. just pray that both of us will enjoy, remember and appreciate every seconds of the week..

Yippie!Hoorray!! Long holiday is coming again.. End of the month will be another one long hol for me as Chinese new year, awal muharam and hari wilayah is coming on the same week!!